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Golem (2015), 200x200x16 cm, painted aluminum.

Golem is a structure that is more like a seal or emblem or a spell that incorporates words „emet“ (heb. truth) which brings golem to life, and „met“ (death or dead) which takes this life back. one of the first and oldest description of golem creation comes from a little town of Chełm near Lublin in Poland. the word „golem“ in modern Hebrew is very often used in a pejorative meaning for stupid and helpless. in yiddish for slow and clumsy. the thing about Golem is that as he grew stronger and more powerful, at the same time he was loosing ability to distinguish a friend from foe and good from bad and ultimately he started to hurt the ones he was created to protect.

originally the work was shown in a municipal gallery of Lublin (state funded) and as such, a kind of a golem by itself. created to communicate with artists and the audience. I have ambiguous feelings about it fulfilling its mission.

the installation is composed out of 102 aluminum frames painted white. each frame is positioned horizontal and flat so only the thinnest profile is directed towards the viewer. every frame’s front bar is painted red on the inner surface facing the wall. this creates the red colored halo effect observed in combination with light and other optical disturbance. basically, the color that one can observe, but can not directly see or point its source, can not exist without the encaging it white colored metal frame. when you take away one, the other perish as well.